Hola, Te Amo: Inglés Esencial 4

Watch the video, listen to the lyrics, read the vocabulary, and fill in the blanks. The Doors: Hello, I Love You

Hello, I _____________ you
Won’t you tell me your _______________?
_______________, I love you
Let me jump in your game
Hello, I love you
Won’t you tell me your name?
Hello, _______________
Let me jump in your _______________

She’s walking down the _______________
Blind to every _______________ she meets
Do you think you’ll be the _______________
To make the queen of the _______________ sigh?

_______________, I love you
Won’t you tell me your _______________?
Hello, I _______________ you
Let me jump in your _______________
Hello, I love you
Won’t you _______________ your name?
Hello, _______________
Let me _______________ in your game

She holds her _______________ so high
Like a statue in the _______________
Her arms are wicked, and her _______________ are long
When she moves my brain screams out this _______________

Sidewalk crouches at her _______________
Like a _______________ that begs for something sweet
Do you hope to make her see, you _______________?
Do you _______________ to pluck this dusky jewel?

Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello
I want you
I need my baby
Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello


Angels – ángeles
Arms – brazos
Blind – ciego/a
Brain – cerebro
Crouches – se agazapa
Eye – ojo
Feet – pies
Fool – tonto
Game – juego
Guy – tipo
Head – cabeza
High – alto/a
Hope – espera
I love you – te amo
Jewel – joya
Jump – saltar
Legs – piernas
Let – dejar
Long – largo/a
Meets – encuentra
Name – nombre
Queen – reina
Sidewalk – acera
Sigh – suspira
Sky – cielo
Song – canción
Street – calle
Sweet – dulce
Tell me – dime
Think – piensa
Walking – caminando

Diccionario de pronunciación: http://www.howjsay.com/

Diccionario: http://www.wordreference.com/



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I am a writer, editor, English teacher, and Spanish student living in Valparaíso, Chile, where I teach English at the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María. I also telecommute to the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR), where I have worked as a marketing publications writer and editor since 2004. Prior to joining UNR, I worked as a journalist, editing and writing features and news stories for the Reno Gazette-Journal. I earned a master’s degree and a bachelor’s degree in English literature from UNR, where I was chosen for a graduate research assistantship in Victorian literature and graduated with a 4.0/4.0 cumulative GPA. I also taught at UNR for three semesters as a discussion leader for cross-disciplinary Core Humanities 201 and 202 courses, which examine Western literature, history, and culture from Mesopotamia and Ancient Greece through the Enlightenment and Industrial Revolution to World War II, the postcolonial era, and postmodernity. For eight months prior to moving to Chile in February 2011, I volunteered as ESL tutor for the ESL In-Home Program of Northern Nevada. In fall 2010 I earned a 50-hour TEFL Certificate from the University of Arizona and a 30-hour Social Media Marketing Certificate from UNR, and completed a graduate TESOL course through UNLV.
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